Starpointe Business Park

Starpointe Business Park is a Washington (PA) County Council Economic Development project that, when completed, will occupy 1153 acres of highly accessible land. The development is situated at the intersection of state routes 22 and 18 in Hanover Township, the locale of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pavilion and Amphitheatre entertainment venue. Our firmís assignment spans all development, sales and leasing responsibilities for the entire site.

Phase I of the project is a 148-acre subdivision offering a strategic location and inexpensive land costs. And a generous financial incentive program, available from strongly competitive and moderately taxed Washington County, add to Starpointe’s appeal as a location for manufacturing and headquarters or branch office operations.  Current occupants of the park include Lanxess Corporation, a Bayer subsidiary and producer of paint pigments; Volvo Rents, a construction equipment rental firm; and Miller Plastics, a producer of precision plastic products. To date, seven of Phase I’s 13 development parcels are either occupied or are under agreement, and plans for the project’s second phase are underway.

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