Summerset at Frick Park

To duplicate the success of their Washington’s Landing project, Fourth River Development executives turned their attention to a 25-story slag heap that had risen east of downtown Pittsburgh during the region’s reign as the world’s leading steel producer.  On that unlikely site, they led the planning, construction and marketing of the sold-out, 160-home, first phase of Summerset at Frick Park, an award-winning Traditional Neighborhood community. The development captures the character of the urban neighborhood that surrounds it but its mix of cottages, townhomes, villages and estate homes offer energy efficiencies, technological upgrades and recreational amenities available only in new and well-planned residential locations.  The Fourth River team’s master plan for Summerset, moreover, projects construction of another 550 housing units, a total of 47 acres devoted to new streets and boulevards, and eight acres of internal parkland.  The development also resulted in a 106-acre expansion of the existing Frick Park.

From its inception, the Summerset project functioned as a model of public/private sector partnership. Participants included several departments of City of Pittsburgh government, an urban redevelopment authority, a major financial institution and, at every appropriate step throughout planning and construction, the involvement of affected community stakeholders. Consistent with the experience of Washington’s Landing’s pioneer buyers, purchasers of Summerset at Frick Park homes have enjoyed a rapid rise in the value of their residential assets.

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