For Sale

SALES PRICE: $1,500,000

Closed Pittsburgh School - Former Fort Pitt School

5101 Hillcrest, Pittsburgh PA 15224

Property Description

• Land: 3.08 Acres • Tax Parcel #s 050-F-213, 240, 296
• Building: 88,760 Square Feet • Zoning R1D-M (Moderate Density Residential)
• 3 Floors • 32 Parking Spaces
• Adjacent Playground  
• Property Owner: The Board of Education of the School District of Pittsburgh

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Property Fact Sheet
The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but has not been verified. Fourth River Development LLC makes no guarantee, warranty or representation about its content or the accuracy thereof. Any projections, assumptions, or estimates are used for example only and do not represent the current or future performance of the property. Each recipient of this information and your advisors should conduct a careful, independent analysis of the property to determine if the property will meet your needs

In addition, twenty-two small vacant properties were added in 2016. Eleven of these have been sold; leaving eleven sites available. The parcels are identified by parcel numbers (APN) -See links below.

Click on the Acessors Parcel Numbers below for details

APN 003-S-077 (South Side Slopes) APN 174-L-349 (Homewood)
APN 050-B-156 (Garfield) APN 173-G-067 (Lincoln Lemington)
APN 054-F-081 (Greenfield) APN 011-E-208 (Hill District)
APN 054-K-001 (Greenfield)  
APN 174-A-202 (Homewood)  
APN 174-L-347 (Homewood)