Fourth River Development’s position as a partner in Keystone T Ventures affords unique opportunities to undertake development projects located between and north of Pennsylvania’s two principal cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The firm’s first northeastern assignment employing resources obtained through the Keystone T relationship will result in a comprehensive makeover of a landmark structure in the historic City of Lancaster.

The Residences on Prince project is converting the former Lancaster Press Building to a mixed-use facility that will house retail and commercial operations as well as both rental and available-for-sale condominium units. The six-story building’s planned 47 residences will be located on floors two through six and will range in size in size from 770 to 2,200 square feet.

Additionally, its streetscape will be enliven by a sidewalk café, coffee shop or bistro will function as an attractive amenity for Prince residents and visitors to the neighborhood as well.

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